2010 in a nutshell…

Around this time of year I think all of us like to look back on what our year entailed, then look to see what may be in store for the future.

SIDENOTE: This may be long winded, sorry. It’s more of an exercise in reflection for me, to see it written out.


2010 was set off with a bang for me with the Disney Marathon (my second) on January 10th. My time was 3:13:13 which was a PR by 2 minutes but I was in no way happy with this time. My mom got to watch me run a race for the first time which made for an exciting day.

February was kind of a wash as far as racing went. I did participate in the Run for Haiti charity event but set up in the back and just ran with friends.

As March rolled around I was ready for some action. The Coogan’s 5K up in Washington Heights was the start. I set a new NYRR 5K PR by running a 5:53 per mile race. This was important to me (and yet trivial) as I wanted my time under the NYRR umbrella to reflect a sub 6 mile average. Like I said, trivial, but it’s these little details that excite me at times. I ran the NYRR 8000 and the Colon Cancer Challenge as well.

The New York City Half Marathon was a milestone race as I was able to PR by 5 minutes at 1:20:48! I also qualified for the NYC Marathon with this time. More memorable then that was just how many of my new running friends I saw before, during and after the race! Such a great group of people.

In April I ran the Scotland 10K, Run for the Parks and the Lincoln Tunnel 5K.

May hit hard with the New Jersey Marathon starting it off. It was the hottest marathon I had run in with temps in the high 80’s. It was a battle field. My time of 3:15:27 was worse then Disney but I didn’t come down on myself too hard based on the crazy weather. I hate making excuses, but when people were strewn out on the sidelines like wounded soldiers I made an exception. For those of you who aren’t aware, I was and had been going for a Boston Qualifier this whole time and missing my mark by 3-5 minutes overtime.

PR’d the Healthy Kidney 10K with a 37:11 and swam the Great Hudson River 1.3 mile race. I did not PR in the swim, in fact I think I was almost last place as usual in swim events.

June was monumental as I raced my first ever Half Ironman! I got to race with all the pro triathletes I admire and even brushed elbows with a personal hero, Natascha Badmann.

I ran the Wall Street 3 Miler which is always fun in a ‘utter chaos’ kinda way. How could I forget the Lavaman Sprint Triathlon? Jim, Ed (from ‘Dad Posse’) and I stayed up till 2AM drinking beer, woke up at 5AM on 3 hours of sleep and raced. I even won 3rd in my age group so Hmmf to you ‘sleep’.

July brought us the Aquathlon Swim/Run event followed by the NYC Triathlon which was awesome! If I thought the NYC Tri was hot I was definitely not ready for the sauna that was the Queens Half Marathon! It was brutal!

In August I ran the fun, but also sweltering hot, Fire Island 5K and tried to uphold my 1st Place ranking. I failed and came in 2nd but still had a hell of a time! Then ‘Dad Posse’ and I raced in the Harriman Sprint Triathlon, always a fun event.

As Autumn arrived there was excitement in the air as marathon season was upon us! I ran the NYCM Tune-up 18 Miler and was able to maintain the marathon pace I had set. One goal I had set for myself all year was to run a Sub5 Mile in the 5th Avenue Mile race. I accomplished this by 1 second at 4:59. This was a big goal for me.

In October I ran a trifecta of 5K’s! The Montgomery River Run 5K where I took 1st Place overall, The Hoboken 5K where I PR’d at 17:37 and took 3rd overall and the Little Silver 5K where I took 11th overall.

My favorite race is and has been the NYC Marathon. This year I ran a 3:01:59 which qualifies me for Boston, another goal I had set!

The exclamation point on the year was running the Tough Mudder obstacle course with ‘Dad Posse’ and Ronny. It was hard, scary, grueling and totally awesome!

Looking back I’m very happy with my racing. Although I am very competitive, I’m still having fun out there.

What stands out most to me, as I evolve deeper into the sport, is all the friends have made! You all know who you are, from my Tuesday Night Speed Group, to the ‘Dad Posse’, random speedsters, competitors I have met during races, bikers on the road to Nyack and many others. This running/triathlon community continues to amazing me and I am very thankful to be a part of it.


Im registered for a number of races already, The Goofy Challenge, NYC Half Marathon, Alcatraz Shark Swim, NYC Tri, Rev3 Half Ironman South Carolina and Ironman Arizona. I really need to get my swimming up to par this year and try and get a bit faster. There is work to be done!

How was your year? What races will you race in 2011?