041 Wall Street Run – 3 Miles: 19:25?

The AHA Wall Street Run takes place in lower Manhattan’s Financial District and is pretty much organized chaos. The 3 Mile course runs a maze-like route through all the narrow roadways, finally ending at the ever-so-familiar Battery Marina. No I don,t have a yacht, it’s where a lot of the open water swims happen to end. Erika asked me to pick up her number at the NY Road Runners, no problem.... read more

040 Lavaman Triathlon

Sex/ Age Age Place Overall Place Swim 0.3M T1 Bike 13.7M T2 Run 4M Total Time M32 3 19 9:49 1:33 36:53 1:33 25:39 1:15:29 Jim (from ‘Dad Posse’) had us sign up for the Lavaman Sprint Triathlon for 2 reasons. 1: triathlons are awesome 2: the course went by his Grandma’s house so we had a place to stay and easy access to the start! The plan was as follows… Saturday afternoon Jim and... read more

039 Rev3 Quassy Half Ironman

Sex/ Age Age Place Overall Place Swim 1.2M T1 Bike 56M T2 Run 13.1M Total Time M32 26 133 45:26 2:18 2:55:16 1:39 1:39:56 5:24:36 Swim. Bike. Run. Seems easy enough right? My first triathlon of 2010 (second triathlon ever) was the Rev3 Quassy Half Ironman in Connecticut this past weekend. As far as training went, my philosophy has always been to just do as much of the 3 disciplines as possible. I really... read more

038 Great Hudson RIver Swim

Time Distance Place 53:43 1.3 Miles 155 This is my second year of racing or being ‘athletic’. Therefore, I have been repeating races I did in 2009 the last few months, the Great Hudson River swim being one of them. It’s a time to reflect, compare, contrast and ask “Why on earth am I swimming 1.3 miles down the Hudson River on a Saturday morning?” Bragging rights are cool even... read more