044 Queens Half Marathon: 1:28:39

Sex/ Age Bib Overall Place Age Place Finish Time Pace/ Mile AG % M32 119 56 18 1:28:39 6:46 66.8 % In preparation for the Queens Half Marathon (and by preparation I mean ‘carb-o-loading’) Erika took me to her favorite Italian restaurant, Pisticci’s. Upon arriving we were immediately greeted by a server who knew Erika. I was impressed. We were promptly seated and ordered our drinks, mine... read more

043 NYC Triathlon

Sex/ Age Age Place Overall Place Swim 0.9M T1 Bike 24.8M T2 Run 6.2M Total Time M32 23 66 18:23 4:18 1:11:25 1:29 41:44 2:17:17 The NYC Triathlon would be my 4th triathlon completed and the 1st attempt at an Olympic Distance. Swim: 1.5K Bike: 40K Run: 10K Gotta love those even numbers… The day before the race, Erika and I volunteered at the Run for Central Park. We were bike marshals and got to ride... read more

042 Aquathlon Stars and Stripes

Sex/ Age Overall Place Swim Place Run Place Swim 1.5K Run 5K Total Time M32 63 130 4 35:40 20:40 56:21 Right now, if I had one wish it would be ‘Speedy Swimmer.’ Thank you. The ‘Aquathlon Stars and Stripes’ is a 1.5K swim followed by a 5K run and is put on by NYC Swim, the same people who organize races like The Great Hudson River Swim. It is one week before the NYC Triathlon and... read more