048 5th Avenue Mile – 1 Mile: 4:59

This weekend would mark my second time running the famed 5th Avenue Mile. To my surprise, last year I ran a 5:01, and this year, I wanted more than anything to go sub 5. Putting this goal in my head would stress me out and haunt my thoughts all week, right up to the race. — Saturday morning I went for a 20 mile bike ride on my track bike to get my quads in gear. Since the bike can’t coast nor... read more

047 NYC Marathon Tune up 18M: 2:01:32

Sex/ Age Bib Overall Place Age Place Finish Time Pace/ Mile AG % M32 818 60 11 02:01:32 6:46 66.8 % On Friday, if you had asked me what I was going to do Sunday morning, an 18 Mile race would not have been on the agenda. But, I can succumb to peer pressure quite easily under the right circumstances. — Saturday morning at 7:45 I met Jim of ‘Dad Posse’, Gio, and Anne Marie for a 50 mile... read more