Baker’s ‘Race Burritos’

By now most people have heard of and hopefully come to terms with the fact that I eat ‘Race burrito’ during any distance race over a Half Mary. I started this nutrition tactic during the Knickerbocker 60K last year when I was freaking out over how I would survive the race. It worked that day and a new way of fueling was born for me. A lot of people have asked how they are made and what goes... read more

053 Tough Mudder

While on the mighty facebook a few months ago, my friend Ronny from Belgium (who is a 3rd degree Judo wrestler) suggested we race the Tough Mudder in New Jersey that coming November. He sent me a link which displayed a Half Marathon distance obstacle course… fire pits, icy lakes, rope bridges and mud. Yes, yes, yes I will sign up. Within minutes I had Ed and Jim of ‘Dad Pose’ signed up as... read more

Beer Run

Sunday was willrunforbeer’s inaugural ‘Beer Run’ around Central Park and the Upper West Side. After Saturday’s Tough Mudder debacle (report and crazy pics to come) I didn’t think I had it in me. Then I thought to myself, “What’s one of the motto’s of Tough Mudder? No whining, kids whine.” Since I was now a Tough Mudder, I had no excuse to skip out. I... read more

Run, Bike… Rock Climb?

You would think that after running a marathon, someone would take the month off from running? Well, any crazy runner out there (and you know who you are) will tell you no way. In fact, we are just WAITING until we can go out for that first successful post-marathon run and it’s such a test of patience. Saturday was that moment for me. (I ran 3 miles on Wednesday but that didn’t count as I was... read more

052 – NYC Marathon: 3:01:59

This year’s New York City Marathon was a milestone as well as a day of reflection. 2 years ago, the 2008 NYCM marked my introduction into the world of running and later on, triathlons. At that time, my only intention was to run a marathon, little did I know it would change my life forever. In the weeks prior to the marathon I kept being asked an interesting question. “How long have you been... read more