Christmas on Ice. and Snow.

This Christmas I was invited to go to New Jersey to stay with my Aunt Marge, Uncle John, cousin Gillian and cousin Cat. My father is waiting to get a bone marrow transplant and can’t have any visitors due to his immune system, so I accepted. They live on Lake Shawnee in a small town called Jefferson out in NW Jersey. I always have a blast whenever I hang out with them. Friday night was spent at a... read more

2010 in a nutshell…

Around this time of year I think all of us like to look back on what our year entailed, then look to see what may be in store for the future. SIDENOTE: This may be long winded, sorry. It’s more of an exercise in reflection for me, to see it written out. THE PAST 2010 was set off with a bang for me with the Disney Marathon (my second) on January 10th. My time was 3:13:13 which was a PR by 2 minutes... read more

My Manhattan

This is a panoramic shot of Manhattan I put together while on a photo shoot in Queens. If you want the high resolution horizontal just email... read more

Cycle for Survival

A few weeks ago Jess from ‘Fitchickinthecity’ asked if I wanted to join her Cycle for Survival Team this February. Hmmm… was this some sort of obstacle course we would be riding on our bikes? Tough Mudder but on wheels? Rings of fire, narrow bridges, oil slicks? All of this would be right up my alley! After some research I found out that it was not a crazy bike ride at all, but an all... read more

Making Leg Jello

One of the things I have learned about runners and triathletes in the last 2 years is that they are crazy, myself included. Why is it that after waking up and having some coffee on a 35 degree Saturday that I have the need to go run? I mean, my apartment is awesome! I have tons of coffee, music is playing, it’s got lots of light and guess what, it doesn’t have a wind chill factor. Without... read more