Swimasaurus Rex

Yesterday, as my errands finished at noon, I wondered what fun thing I could do in the city seeing as I had no plans. Just then, like something out of Twilight Zone, my phone rang. “Hello?” “Bakes, it’s Todd, what are you doing? Let’s get our swim on.” “Hell yes! See you in 20 minutes.” And with a simple phone call my fate for Saturday was sealed. SIDENOTE:... read more

Runnin’ on Ice

One of my favorite things to do in the entire world is ice skate. It’s fluid, fast and very soothing to my mind. When I was age 14-18 I worked at our local ice rink. It was my time here, that I really fell in love with the sport. I also met a lot of very great people, some of whom I still keep in touch with. During New York City’s frigid winter I get very distraught not being able to ride my... read more

054 The Goofy Challenge

What are you made of? SIDENOTE: This is a long story, grab a cup of coffee, a blanket and silence your cell phone. I signed up for the Goofy Challenge (a Half Marathon Saturday followed by a Full Mary Sunday) with my girlfriend this summer. Since becoming single, (my girlfriend becoming another infamous ‘ex girlfriend’) the question I had pondered was whether to follow through with the race or bag it?... read more

The Doughnut Run!

To cap off the year I decided to join the crew for the 1st Annual Doughnut Run, organized by Elyssa! Until the emails flying around about the run I had been spelling doughnut, donut… thank you very much Dunkin Donuts for making me dumb. We me at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge at 10:30 AM which was just fine by me. All this early running stuff gets outta hand sometimes. Role Call: Elyssa, Eissa, Amy,... read more