A Taste of Spring!

This Thursday and Friday in NYC were slated to be in the 50’s and 60’s. You better believe everyone was outside doing something whether it was running, biking, or drinking.  I did all 3. On Thursday night some of the Runner Army met in Central Park for a tempo run. In attendance: Joe, Matt6, Samantha, Susan, and Abbe. Clearly, Abbe and Matt6 need blogs. We split into 2 groups of 3 and blazed the northern loop of the Park. So many people were out and it was really fun wearing single layers of clothes in the mighty February. We finished up the run (strategically) by Tavern on the Green, where Joe had parked his car. He had brought us all a sample beer from his latest brew, Coffee Stout. We sat in a circle in the Park savoring this amazing beer, i was so fun. After the beer, Susan, Abbe and I hopped in a cab headed East to continue our ‘Bamboozaling’ as Abbe dubbed it. We grabbed a table at Brother Jimmy’s, all of us still decked out in running gear. We drank and ate runner style til 11! How did that happen? ‘Time flies.’ Friday was even warmer than Thursday! I had been skateboarding to work again and today was no exception! After work I jumped on ‘Athena’ my trusty track bike that has never let me down. Once we crashed headfirst into an SUV going 25MPH (through the windshield) and rode away unscathed, but that’s anther story. SIDENOTE: Fellow run/fitness blogger Kelly from Meals for Miles and I discovered a few months ago we are neighbors. I ran into her  (our first time meeting) leaving for my ride and we discovered that we live in neighboring buildings! How wild. Who says NYC is a small town?! She is the ‘Fastest Bike in the Galaxy’ and is very responsive. It is a Cyclops Track bike made my Mike Mulholland for a US Track rider. It was made in the early 80’s with Columbus tubing and weighs nothing. I set off down Lexington full throttle. It was amazing out and I was really having fun. I decided to ride through Times Square and by the Empire for nostalgic reasons. It wasn’t the best idea seeing as everyone was out in large groups, making it dangerous at major intersections. Why is it that a car going 30MPH inhibits pedestrians from crossing the street, but a bike at the same... read more

Survive my Birthday + Cycle for Survival

Question: Can you survive an epic dance birthday party, only to wake up and have to spin your face off at Cycle for Survival? My birthday party was Saturday night. My REAL birthday is February 15, so you still have time to get me presents. (Swim coach) Todd and I had been planning it for about three weeks and were hoping for a whopper of a party. I rode my bike down to meet him Saturday morning since the weather was amazing! 40 degrees and sunny. Wait, thats nice weather?! NYC has been slammed with a winter I wont soon forget, so 40 and sunny sounds like heaven. Speaking of heaven, thats exactly where I was when riding down to meet him. It had been 2 months since I rode and I really missed it. All smiles. We went out to Costco to get beer, liquor and snacks for the party. It was absolute mayhem. They send everyone into the store with these obnoxious double wide shopping carts that no one knows how to drive. On the outside I looked like a happy shopper, but on the inside I was screaming. This was an exercise in patience. Lets skip right along to the party. For the first few hours I was bar tending. It was during this time that I realized I am a horrible bar tender. I get way to distracted talking to people and bobbing around to the music. The place really got bumping around 10-12 when the entire Runner Army showed up (sans running gear) as well as numerous other friends. At one point there were 40-50 of us out dancing. SIDENOTE: If I am not running, biking or swimming I have an over abundance of energy. If you feed me enough beer I will dance until my legs fall off. I like lots of attention and therefore will try and dance with everybody. I was home in bed by 1:30-2AM. On a non-race weekend this would be dandy as I could sleep in, but I had to wake up for Cycle for Survival. I had joined Jess, from, and her team. I had the last shift which was a life saver based on my behavior the night before. Arriving at 10:30AM I had 20 minutes until it was my turn to ride. There were maybe 500 people and 150 spin bikes set up and the volume of dance music trumped my party by 10.... read more

(Run like) being chased by Zombies!!!

As the weekend approached and weather for Sunday looked optimal, I contemplated racing the Gridiron 4 Miler. After some peer pressure from some of the Runner Army who were racing as well, I signed up. Saturday, the rain was stuck in limbo. It was coming down just hard enough to need an umbrella, but not really? I hate that. I live right by the NYRR so it was a quick walk to pick up my race number. At the A-B last name area the woman informed me that “There is no Christopher Baker” in her numbers. Strange indeed. Had I used one of my alias? Perhaps my secret identity? The next woman I spoke to (who had a laptop) told me that the online race registration closes the Tuesday before the race, so it was impossible that I could have been signed up. Touchè race organizer lady. You win this time. Leaving Road Runners, I was very disappointed and sulking. The rain didn’t help and I couldn’t help but to laugh at myself. Wow, did I really want to race that bad? Either way, I was running tomorrow, and if I couldn’t race the Gridiron, I would race unsuspecting recreational runners. I was cooped up all Saturday and really wanted to be social (if you personally know me you get this) so I called up Ahern and Robin to see what they were up to. After a brief discussion we decided to have a Wii Golf Tournament, but not just any old tournament… We decided to dress like golfers and make ‘golfer cocktails’ too. It was a blast. We made all kinds of ‘golfer cocktails’ but my favorite was the Ginger Beer and Jameson thingy we constructed. Needless to say by the end of the night more people had arrived and ‘golfing’ turned into  ‘wild dance party.’ This is a photo from the night capturing one of my breakdancing jumps. Michael Jordan has nothin’ on my air. Don’t judge. SIDENOTE: I studied Shaolin Kung-Fu a few years back and the only thing I was good at (or good enough to demonstrate) was the jumping tumbles. Our Master would have me do them in front of class, having me clear a 5 foot rope, then summersaulting to the ground and popping up. It was fun and I like attention so, win win. RACE DAY (in my head) I left my apartment around 11AM to hit the Park. It was such... read more