A Taste of Spring!

This Thursday and Friday in NYC were slated to be in the 50’s and 60’s. You better believe everyone was outside doing something whether it was running, biking, or drinking.  I did all 3. On Thursday night some of the Runner Army met in Central Park for a tempo run. In attendance: Joe, Matt6, Samantha, Susan, and Abbe. Clearly, Abbe and Matt6 need blogs. We split into 2 groups of 3 and blazed... read more

Survive my Birthday + Cycle for Survival

Question: Can you survive an epic dance birthday party, only to wake up and have to spin your face off at Cycle for Survival? My birthday party was Saturday night. My REAL birthday is February 15, so you still have time to get me presents. (Swim coach) Todd and I had been planning it for about three weeks and were hoping for a whopper of a party. I rode my bike down to meet him Saturday morning since the... read more

(Run like) being chased by Zombies!!!

As the weekend approached and weather for Sunday looked optimal, I contemplated racing the Gridiron 4 Miler. After some peer pressure from some of the Runner Army who were racing as well, I signed up. Saturday, the rain was stuck in limbo. It was coming down just hard enough to need an umbrella, but not really? I hate that. I live right by the NYRR so it was a quick walk to pick up my race number. At the... read more