Bridges Run with Baker’s Mom!

Soon after my Mom and I ran the Disney Half Mary together she started see all the comments and reading other people’s running blogs. She was really inspired and told me how great this ‘Runner Army’ was. When she told me that my Step-Dad and her were visiting she made a few requests, one of them was to meet a lot of these famous runners! Friday night she met my friend Elizabeth or Ms.... read more

Grete Waitz; A Tribute to an Athlete

How do you define Greatness? Winning 9 New York City Marathons, then running a 10th while guiding a friend with terminal brain cancer.   Grete Waitz October 1, 1953 –  April 19, 2011 ‘Queen of Central... read more

056 Scotland 10K: 37:13

Spring is here and it’s quite obvious in ol’ Manhattan. On Saturday morning I met Brandon at the entrance to the George Washington Bridge for our first Nyack ride of the season. It was a bit chilly as we made our way into (dirty) Jersey, but we soon warmed up after maintaining a 20MPH pace. There were so many riders out as well. It was sunny and expected to get up into the 50’s. Athletic Weather... read more

Bike. Swim. Cheer. Run.

55 degrees and sunny both Saturday and Sunday? I’ll take it, and you better believe everyone else in NYC will too! Coach had me queued up for a 2 hour trainer ride, but after running an errand outside I was like, “Stay inside and ride? No way, I’m terrorizing the town on my bike!” and with that I was off. I chose to ride my track bike as I figured that would simulate the trainer best as I can’t coast. I... read more

Appetite for… Progression?

Over the last week my appetite has become ravenous. I find myself walking to work, drooling at all the cafes, in some sort of glazed over zombie-like shuffle. “Will I make it to work, where my precious oatmeal lay waiting for me to devour it and live another day?” “Will I have to throw myself through the door of some unsuspecting cafe and demand eggs, cutting everyone else in line off... read more