059 Great Hudson River Swim: 43:39

The Great Hudson River Swim is NYC Swim’s kick off event of the season. It is a 1.6 Mile swim from the Christopher Street Pier down to the North Cove Marina in Battery Park. The night before Abbe and I went to Todd and Ila’s place in Battery Park for a sleepover party. Abbe made dinner which was a fantastic pasta dish with clams, tomatoes and bacon. Even while in my vegetarian phases (this was not one pf... read more

My New Newtons

My friends took me to the Yankees game last night. It was awesome! The Yanks won it in the 9th inning, something I have never witnessed. Needless to say we (along with most of the other fans) had to go to Stans Bar to celebrate after. Spilling into my bed at midnight, I knew the next day would not be pretty. Naturally waking at 5:45 AM can have a negative impact, especially if you need more sleep. Laying... read more

058 Healthy Kidney 10K: 37:02

The Runner Army went to battle today. — The Healthy Kidney 10K is unlike most of the other 10K’s in the New York City area because it is sponsored by the United Arab Emirates and all of their money. Therefore, there are a lot of big players in the running circuit that come to town. Seriously, the winner gets $25,000 plus the bonus $20,000 if he (yes ‘he’, for some reason only boys are eligible. Take... read more

How I became a Runner.

Due to some documents that have recently been revealed, it seems that my claim of only being a runner for the last 3 years to be false. The following transcript was published in 1988, when I was only 11 and paints a dramatic account of my running abilities.   —– Hi, my name is Chris and I am the world’s fastest runner. I can run up to light speed! Not only can I run up to light speed, but... read more

057 NJ Half Marathon: 1:23:01

Last year I ran the New Jersey Marathon. It was 90 degrees and it looked like a battlefield by the end, bodies strewn all over lawns, ambulances everywhere. This year I would opt for the Half Marathon. — Becoming a tradition, Ed, Jim and I would spend the night at Mike’s (and Kara’s) house in Red Bank the night before the race. The infamous ‘Dad Posse’ and I were ready for some redemption after last... read more