061 Sharkfest Alcatraz Swim: 59:46

My friend Todd wanted me to swim from Alcatraz to the mainland, ‘Escaping Alcatraz’ in ‘shark infested waters’ essentially. I of course, signed up immediately. SIDENOTE: This story is all about Adventure! We left for San Francisco Wednesday night at 4:30PM out of JFK. I shot a picture of some of our wall clocks… they always feel so welcoming. We were flying Virgin America and I was instantly sold... read more

First annual ‘Run for Bruce’

Following the death of my father a few weeks ago, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love that has come my way. It’s really quite amazing. One gesture, made by Samantha with the help of Abbe, was to have a run in honor of my Dad. It was in this way that ‘Run for Bruce’ was born. — The night before the run Abbe, Samantha and I went to Sweet Revenge to indulge a little bit. They serve wine and... read more

060 Lavaman Triathlon: 1:13:17

The Lavaman Sprint Triathlon would mark my first triathlon for the 2011 season. I was very excited. Friday night right after work I met Mike and Ed of the ‘Dad Posse’ by Penn Station and we hopped a train to Little Silver, NJ. We popped a few Coronas and caught up on life. After a brief stint at Mike’s place in Little Silver we headed south to Belmar. We were meeting Jim (he was driving down with our... read more

In Memory of My Dad

On May 21st, my Dad passed away at age 59 after a 2 year battle with Lymphoma. I questioned whether this was an appropriate place to write about such a heavy topic. My Dad was a huge inspiration for me in all of my races. He loved tracking my progress and hearing all the details afterward. He was also running way before I could. Aside from all of that, his story needs to be told. — Thanksgiving was... read more