Bike Adventures with Baker

The 5th Avenue Mile is one of my favorite races. Last year I completed a dream, which was to run a sub 5 minute mile at the race and since then its always had a place in my heart. Unfortunately running 1 Mile as fast as you can has NOTHING to do with Ironman training. I was set to run the 5th Avenue Mile, then tack on anther hour and a half of medium paced running. Sunday was to be my long ride, a very... read more

I’m going to Boston!

After 3 years of hard work and 5 Marathons I have finally gotten into the Boston Marathon! In November of 2008 I ran my first race (NYCM) after starting to run that summer. I missed Boston by 5 minutes, my qualifying time being 3:10. In 2010 I set out to attain a Boston entry and finally got my times up to par after a few near missed that really got me down. It’s amazing what a little hard work, pain and... read more

065 9-11 Heroes Run 5K: 18:11 – 2nd Place

I love me a good 5k… Who doesn’t? It’s a race where you get to run as fast as you can, pedal to the metal, for 3 quick miles! Erica Sara convinced me to run in the 911 Heroes Run on the morning of the anniversary of the attacks. It seemed like a worthy way to pay tribute. RACE DAY Saturday morning was spent riding my Tri Bike 60 miles, so my legs were a lil tight Sunday morning. I actually... read more

Reporting LIVE from the U.S. Open!

My brother Jeff and I (he has been asking me to take him for the last 7 years) set off on the 7 Train around 6:15PM. We were pretty excited because we would get to see the #1 ranked men’s and women’s players. Arriving right on time we fought our way through the slow moving crowds, grabbed some beers and found our seats. We were 5 rows behind the ref, right on the center line. Wozniacki versus Rus started... read more