066 Rev 3 SC Half Ironman

Revolution 3, South Carolina would be the second Half Ironman I have ever attempted. It fit perfectly into my full Ironman training and also be a nice gauge to see where I was mentally and physically. — Jim (from Dad Posse) drove the bikes down Thursday and visited family while Ed (also from Dad Posse) and I took a plane the next day. Our flight was 20 minutes late getting off the ground and we had... read more

Fall Races – Pep Rally

Isn’t life funny? We get so wrapped up at times in what ‘we cant do’ or what we ‘don’t have.’ I sit here writing this on the eve of the Rev3 Half Ironman in South Carolina, with Ironman Arizona a month after feeling down on myself because I can’t seem to get my swim speeds up to a competitive level. — A few years back I was leaving work headed home, very wrapped up mentally in some... read more