068 Ironman Arizona – 11:13:56

My hunger for endurance sports started in 2008 when I ran my first race, the NYC Marathon. Since then it has literally changed my life, inspiring me to chase goals that at one point may have seemed impossible. One of these goals was to race an Ironman. Earlier this year I began my training for Ironman Arizona, which always takes place in late November. After a few runs and a bike here and there I started... read more

Music to Live by

Music plays a huge part in my life, and I am always surprised to meet people who are ‘indifferent’ about it. Anyone close to me knows I am very picky and critical of music. If someone doesn’t like, or know of Led Zeppelin for instance, I might make a sour face and perhaps never take them seriously again, possibly even un-friending them. Just kidding… or am I? Although my tastes run the gamut,... read more

067 NYC Marathon – 3:00:48

The New york City Marathon is the single greatest marathon on Earth. I tell you this having only run 6 marathons total, 3 of them in New York. 2 million people come out to spectate along the course and the only time there aren’t any crazed fans screaming or banging away on cowbells is while going over the Queensboro Bridge. — Since April I have been training for Ironman Arizona, which happens... read more

‘Professional Athlete Simulator’ day

Training for your first Ironman is anything but easy, especially when your Coach is dedicated to making you the best athlete they can. The last few months have been 10-15 hour training weeks, which have hopefully resulted in improving my endurance. — Seeing as how NYC Marathon and Ironman Arizona were coming up fast, Coach asked that I take a day off work to get in a solid all-day training session.... read more