Cardiac Crusher Brewery 4 Miler

What’s so cool about being a part of the New York Rogue Runners? You get to design races! The Cardiac Crusher Brewery 4 Mile Prediction Race (conceptualized by Joe) is a race in which you guess when you will finish. Runners cannot have any timing devices on them and the winner is whom ever comes in closest to their predicted time. It’s brilliant in design because it really doesn’t matter... read more

Swim Karma

Most of you know, it’s real hard getting me in the pool. It’s been a life-long struggle. As I was walking to the pool today I thought about how crowded it always is, being in the most populated city on the east. Smiling, I thought about how much money I would be willing to pay to have my own private pool, even just my own personal lane. Arriving at the pool it was indeed jumping. From Masters... read more

Steamboat Springs snowboarding adventures

I was quite excited (and honored) this year when I was invited to the annual ‘Dave Lewis Ski and Snowboarding Conference.’ It’s not really called that… yet. Abbe’s father Dave has been organizing family ski trips (minus Mama Lew as she isn’t much of a skier, but was missed) since they were teenagers. The three of them, Dave, Abbe and her older brother Rob are quite a... read more

Bruce’s Memorial donations exceed $150,000

As many of you know, last May my father died after a 5 day battle with an infection caused by his Lymphoma. During his 2 year treatment, he always talked of how he never wanted another family to go through what we were going through. His dying wish was to raise money to find a cure for Lymphoma. I am happy to announce that we have raised over $152,000.00 in his name to fight Lymphoma! I would just like to... read more

Previously, on Beyond Defeat

The year 2011 was one hell of a year for me in many ways. Some were triumphant, others heartbreaking. I set off the year with the Goofy Challenge. Saturday’s Half-Marathon portion was ran with my mother who chose to celebrate being 20 years cancer free. I had been coaching her for the 3 months prior to the race and we finished together in 3:01:25! My mother had seized the day. As for Sunday’s... read more