Did somebody say Chobani Yogurt?

So I’m on Twitter the other day and a few of my running friends (who am I kidding, all of my friends on Twitter are Runners or Triathletes) were talking about how good Chobani is. Being that most of these people are female athletes I tend to ignore strange references because otherwise I accidentally enter a give-away to win a Lululemon yoga outfit or something. Today, I decided to ask, “What is this Chobani all of you are talking so highly of?” Shortly after Chobani’s twitter handle mentioned me, explaining that they make exceptional greek yogurt. I love greek yogurt. It’s like man-yogurt. A few moments after that my friend Lindsay, who works for Chobani, saw my tweet that I had never tried Chobani before. She said she had to change that. 2 weeks later a huge box of Chobani Yogurt arrived at the office! I’m a photographer so I figured I’d do a lil product shoot before I ate them… Chobani is amazing. It has the bite of greek yogurt mixed perfectly with whatever flavor you have chosen. The 2 I have tried so far are Honey and Vanilla, both exceptional. Aside from taste, Chobani is very healthy. It uses no artificial ingredients, gluten free, and no synthetic growth hormones. If you like greek yogurt I would highly recommend trying Chobani. (Its sold in most major markets and is everywhere in... read more

The New York Hot Dog Challenge

2.5 miles, 1 hour and 10 hot dogs are quite deserving of the word ‘challenge.’ 10 competitors set out to take the challenge and come home with the grand prize of $225. The last few weeks before the race there was a lot of buzz going around. “Who has the best odds?” “Who is the craziest?” “Does it even matter if you are a fast runner?” We had a generous outpouring of donations to create the grand prize of $225! (Thanks to all who donated to make the race exciting and bit more rewarding for the challengers!) We also had a total of 10, that’s right 10 racers signed up to compete! This was a New York Rogue Runners race so all you need to do to race is show up on game day. I really enjoyed all the playful trash talking between everyone as well. Wayne’s World flashback… (waving hands) The concept for this race was born 7-10 years ago. As I was walking with friends Mirko and Benny (I wasn’t even a runner at the time) we laughed at a crazy idea. “What if you had to run through midtown and every time you passed  hot dog cart you had to eat one!” Such a sick and twisted idea. I loved it. Little did I know, years later I would be friends with a group of athletes crazy enough to pull it off! The rules (seemed) simple enough. Follow the course map that I was to release the night before the race (to deter cheating) and eat a hot dog at every designated cart. Finish first without puking, win the prize. RACE DAY We met at the Mall in Central Park, a very scenic place (and iconic for any runners) to start a race. Everyone started arriving with huge smiles on their faces, excited to see what lay in store for all of us. I too, was giddy. The race itself had never been done, so the outcome was unknown. Would anyone finish? Would there be survivors? Once all the competitors arrived I made a few race announcements and answered any questions. I was happy to not be racing, especially since eating competitions are really not my forte. The quick decision was made for all competitors to eat their first dog together at the cart stationed close by. As soon as they were done eating, they could start running the course. (Thanks for the pics Elyssa!) Tao,... read more

From Beer to City Bakery to Breakage

I happen to win a few bottles of the Cardiac Crusher Brewery’s Citron Hefeweizen a few weeks ago and told Joe I would give it a proper critique. After one of my longer runs last week I sat down to enjoy one of them. To me, one of the most enjoyable things after a hard sweaty run is an ice cold beer. Such a reward. The Citron poured with a sweet aroma, similar to that of a root beer, with a reddish brown hue. It looked delicious. It certainly tasted delicious too! I was expecting a lighter hefeweizen, similar to a Hoegaarden, but it was richer in flavor. It reminded me of my favorite beer, Schneider Weisse! I would definitely drink this again and even purchase it in large quantities! Hats off to the Cardiac Crusher Brewery. — I’m happy to say the New York Rogue Runners ‘E’s Run to City Bakery’ was a success. We had 15-20 runners assemble in Central Park and make our way down to City Bakery by way of the West Side path. It was great company and a lot of fun! (Banana Hot Chocolate? Insane delicious!) This weekend is the New York Hot Dog Challenge which I am thrilled about. If you don’t want to take the challenge, come out and spectate. — Training has been back in full swing the ;art month and Sonja has me amping up my workouts. Little did I know that the day after Superbowl Sunday she would throw a crazy speed workout at me! (She never gives me speed workouts, what gives?) I had to do 5×1200’s on the track at a 5:50 – 6:10 pace with a short 1/4 mile break between. I knew I was in for a hurting. As I started the first interval I felt fast, but internally my body was like “Whaaaaaaaaat?” I thought I might just do one interval and call it quits, blaming poor eating the night before. Then, as I finished I did my lil 1/4 Mile jog and thought, “Okay, one more.” After the second I said the same thing and it kind of went like that until I just finished up the intervals. I felt like I was dramatically slowing down each time, but I actually held the pace I was scheduled for. Sweet. Here are my splits. You can see me starting to fade. Lap 1 = Time 4:16 Pace 5:45 Lap 2 = Time 4:22... read more