The Cure for Pain

Moments ago I was listening to the band Morphine’s ‘Cure for Pain’ and started laughing out loud. I’m about to run my second marathon in under 2 weeks and it seems that I am ‘looking for pain’ not it’s cure. Most of you reading are some form of an athlete whether you consider yourself one or not, being a runner, triathlete, swimmer or a soccer player. Why, as... read more

Wanna go for a run and get free stuff too?

Anyone want to join us for a run on Tuesday in Central Park? Join me, Erica, Abbe and Zeev from Zensah for a lovely few miles in Central Park on Tuesday, April 24th. We’ll be meeting at the Jack Rabbit Upper West Side store at 7pm and then heading out shortly after. Jack Rabbit has graciously offered us the use of lockers so if you are coming straight from work, just head downstairs and drop off... read more

072 The Boston Marathon – 3:23:41 ‘Total Carnage’

The Boston Marathon or, ‘The Invitational’, as I have so dubbed it took me 3 years to get to. 3:15, 3:13, 3:15, 3:02 (the year Boston sold out in 8 hours) 2:58 and a 3:00 were my times and the last 2 secured my spot thanks to the new application procedures. Why am I telling you this? Mainly, so non-runners understand what it means to run Boston. It’s something you earn. Runners work long... read more

Meet ‘The Morrighan’

I would like to thank my sponsors, Kompetitive Edge, for building me one of the sickest bikes I have had the honor to ride. Meet the Quintana Roo ‘Illicito’ or as I have named her, ‘The Morrighan’. Why name your bike? Why name your bike ‘The Morrighan’? What does that even mean? I name my bikes because I am superstitious and also I have something great to yell while... read more

071 Colon Cancer Challenge 4M – 23:28

Race Season has begun! (for me at least.) It’s officially warm enough to where I can come out of hiding. The Colon Cancer Challenge 4 Miler (not the 15K, do I look crazy? C’mon!) is a race cause that speaks to me as my Mom is a survivor. When I was 14 she was hospitalized for 3 months and barely made it due to complications. So yeah, I run the hell out of this one. Guess who was visiting me... read more