074 Reach the Beach: 26:09 (hours)

The Reach the Beach relay is a 200 Mile (36 leg) race across the state of Massachusetts. Each team is comprised of up to 12 people who run constantly until you ‘reach the beach’ 200 miles later. You don’t sleep, you just run, eat, and use the bathroom. This race is particularly monumental to me because last year on the day I was supposed to leave for it, I received a call telling me my... read more

New York I Love You

I am going to start doing a series of posts on my experiences here in New York City and this is numero one. Dig it. — One of the things that makes New York great is the ability to do anything. Do you like to sew? There are classes and talks on sewing. Maybe you like to collect butterflies. Yes, there is a butterfly collector meet-up. When my friend Elizabeth asked if I wanted to go see Chrissie... read more

073 The Kentucky Derby Marathon – 2:54:04

It’s funny how plans can change. Sometimes maybe it’s better to not even have a plan, or a goal for that matter. Boston was supposed to be my PR marathon and 2 weeks later, The Kentucky Derby Marathon was to be a fun run if you will. That all changed when Boston, or Mother Nature, kicked my ass. I was so bummed and worn out that I wasn’t even into running Kentucky, just come and cheer on... read more