076 Rev3 Quassy OLY – 2:59:37

Somehow, I was talked into doing 2 triathlons in one weekend. On Friday I left work early to meet Jim for our drive up to Quassy, Connecticut. Yes, we hit loads of stupid Friday rush hour traffic. How people do that everyday I do not know. What I do know is that if I participated I would be the most stressed out crazy person on the road and possibly wanted by the police for roadside murder. The first... read more

075 AHA Wall Street Run 3M – 18:21

The Wall Street 3 Miler is not a ‘runner’s race.’ This is not the race to PR. You will be elbowed, crowded, tripped, and generally annoyed unless you take it as it is, a fun run. I met Ed pre-race (after saying hi to Melissa and Erica) and we headed over to the start. There are no corrals, just approximate pace flags. We had done this race a few times and knew the protocol, just go as... read more

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