082 Percy Sutton 5k – 18:03

I love 5K’s. Straight up pedal to the metal maximum overdrive with a smile. A breakfast full of pain that ends as quickly as it started. The Percy Sutton 5K is one of maybe two NYRR races of this distance and just as I predicted, all the speedsters came to play. Kelly met Abbe and I in front of my apartment (we no longer live next door so she had to hoof it up the 10 blocks) and we set off to the... read more

081 Ironman NY: 10:27:47

I signed up for the Ironman U.S. Championship not really taking into account that it was in the summer. I was more excited to be racing on home turf and didn’t really add up this equation: NYC + August + Ironman = (please fill in the blank). This being my second Ironman distance I was not stressed out at all and my nerves were pretty good. The day before the race (a work day for me) was when we... read more

T’was the night before Ironman…

T’was the night before Ironman and all through the houseā€¦ My second Ironman (I’m doing 1 Ironman per year until I die) takes place tomorrow and I am quite excited for a number of reasons. – You’re on my turf! I wonder if any of these racers even know the 9W gang sign? – You’re on my turf! I can take a cab to the start which means I get 2.5 more hours of sleep. –... read more

Skateboarding up Park Avenue

I decided to try and film my skateboard adventures. They are a lot more exciting in person, but you get the idea… read more