The Mint Stories

In 2000, when I first moved to New York City I wanted to write about all the unique experiences I was having. Having no writing background or skills, I set out with what I called my ‘Mint Stories.’  Although I really wanted to make some changes to them I have posted them in their original form, unedited. 1. Somewhere along the way, in my ongoing quest for happiness, I stumbled across something... read more

How to Kill a NYC Cockroach

It occurred to me tonight after giving my friend Claire strategic advice on how to kill a cockroach, that maybe this was information other people could use. Some of you readers at home might be asking, “Baker, what makes you so qualified to give this kind of advice?” Great question! For starters, I have lived here a long time and up until the last few years, in apartments shared by... read more

Running with my racers

My weekend plans changed quite a bit. As I sat drinking my coffee I realized that the Knickerbocker 60K was going down and I had some crew racing it. Hmmm… I think I’ll go run and support my peeps! I ran the 60K in 2009. Here is a funny video of my finish. As I set off in the opposite direction of all the Knickerbocker folks I flashed back to my race and how fun (and painful it was). I saw... read more

A Thanksgiving thought

I feel pretty blessed to have such a great community of friends. Lately though, there has been a lot of negativity and general dismay. It made me think of a story that affected my life forever and I want to tell it. No, it’s not a race report, but it’s my blog so I can get serious if I want to. — Three or four years ago I was getting ready to leave work. Winter had set in and I was... read more

New York New York!

It’s a good day to be a runner. In the wake of hurricane Sandy, New York and it’s neighbors were left hungry, cold and some without homes. In the days following a horrible debate came to play, to go on with the NYC Marathon or to not. Bloomberg kept the show on until Friday, a mere 2 days from the race. Runners, not our Mayor, were being threatened and attacked by people who thought it a bad... read more