086 Ted Corbitt Classic 15K – 58:59

I love a good 15K mainly because its such a freakish distance! I think I have run 3 in the last 4 years or something. They teeter right on the edge of, “Should I train for this” and “It’s only 5 more K than a 10K, I’ll just wing it.” In order to prepare for the run, I went to watch the Brooklyn Nets play the Pistons the night before in the new Barclay’s Center.... read more

2nd Year on the Kompetitive Edge Team!

Never in 1,000 years did I ever think back in 2008 when I started running, that just a few years later I would have an athletic sponsor and be on one of the sickest triathlon teams in the country! I’m proud to announce that Kompetitive Edge has renewed my contract and kept me on for the 2013 race year! Thanks guys, I won’t let you... read more

F*%K THAT, Friday!

It’s time for another edition of F*%K THAT Friday! I’m normally very ‘Happy Go Lucky,’ but c’mon! Every now and again something sets us off. 1. As I was getting dressed for work this week I found 2 of my favorite shirts with ink on them! The dry cleaners returned them in worse shape then when I brought them in! F*%K THAT! 2. As I was walking down Madison Avenue during lunch,... read more