Central Park Serenade

New York City has many secrets in it’s many corners, come tucked away deeper than others. Sometimes you can accidentally stumble upon a hidden secret and not know it. Other times, like as I was walking home from ice skating, you can be drawn from the silence into something... read more

History with Baker: Vol. 1

I love history, especially New York City history. I have studied it for 15 years, have countless books and vintage maps and should probably find a new hobby. In today’s episode we are going to talk about The Central Park and running. (Did you know there is supposed to be a THE in front of it?) The Central Park is a man made park designed by Olmstead and Vaux (who won a design competition) and opened... read more

F%$K THAT, Friday!

I had a revelation the other day while Abbe and I were on a 10 mile run to Cafe Habana for the best Cuban sandwiches in New York City. (They are. Trust me I’ve done a lot of research.) Did you know Cuban Sandwiches were invented in Tampa, Florida? Basically, they are Tampa Sandwiches, not Cuban Sandwiches! F-THAT. While we’re at it… The mighty Italian Sub, a staple of daily life here in... read more

Zero to 100 MPH

Since Ironman NYC I have been kind of in a perpetual ‘off season.’ I mean, I run and occasionally ride my bike on the trainer, but for the most part I have been on triathlon vacation. I was really enjoying it up until right after Christmas… Something happened to me a few days ago. I think I was fed up with the month of December being a total schmooze fest, with holiday parties and... read more

The 3rd Annual Doughnut Run

How do you end the year? Do you eat doughnuts? Oh, maybe you’re one of those people who like to run? My crew combines the 2 into one harmonious blend of delicious exercise. We met on the coldest day of the year thus far, it was a balmy 15 with wind chill. Abbe and I were the first to arrive and I suggested we huddle up next to the subway kiosk to gain shelter from the north wind. One by one our... read more