087 Gasparilla Half Marathon – 1:26:25

As we arrived in Tampa on Friday, I was immediately struck with joy once we learned the temperature outside. After dealing with 20 degree weather for the last month I will take 80 degrees any day, even if it means running a Half Marathon in it. My mom picked Abbe and I up from the airport (she and my step-father Richard live here). After acquiring him, we hit the race expo for bib pick-up. I have to say... read more

To Garmin, or NOT to Garmin… that is the question

This Sunday marks the start of the Spring racing season for me and I cannot tell you how excited I am. The doldrums of Winter are finally dissipating to make way for warmer weather and better outdoor conditions. I will be racing the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa under a sunny sky with temps in the low 80s. The question I have been toying with is… should I go raw and not wear my Garmin? Last... read more

History with Baker: Vol. 2

Every runner should know Cleopatra’s Needle. It sits off to the left of the East Drive as you head North around the Park. I kind of thought it was just some random obelisk for years until I did my homework. I chose to write about her today as she sits covered in snow, something that is relatively new to her. Cleopatra’s Needle (misnamed… and having nothing to do with Cleopatra in fact)... read more

Run for Love

Tuesday morning’s snow was exactly what I had been waiting for. It was peaceful snow, quiet snow that you could actually hear hitting the ground. Abbe and I were enjoying our morning run around Central Park as I suggested we explore the Mall, her favorite part of the Park. There, at the perfect place at the perfect time in perfect conditions, I asked her to marry me and she said yes.     ... read more

4th Annual City Bakery Run

Do you like running? Do you also happen to like the most amazing hot chocolate ever created? Do you like arctic Winter weather? If you picked 2 out of 3 then the City Bakery Run is a must. In true crazy runner spirit I planned on using the 5 mile City Bakery Run as the tail end of a longer run. My Marathon Sandwich starts in a few weeks and I would like to be a little bit ahead of the competition. THE... read more