That time I got injured.

Most of you know by now that I have bursitis of the knee. I’m living in a sort of ‘Runners Hell.’ I haven’t run in 5-6 weeks and am heading to Ireland to run the Connemarathon next Sunday. It should be interesting. Ive been reading a lot. I can hear a few of you, “Baker, that sounds like a bad idea. What if you hurt your knee even more?” Excellent point! Before we talk... read more

NYC Half: DNS aka Cheer Squadron

My Spring race schedule is a pretty simple formula… 2 Half Marys, a Full Mary followed another 2 Half Marys, with 2 weeks between each. A marathon sandwich if you will. I ran the first of these in Tampa at the Gasparilla Distance Classic. I had a nagging knee pain in my left knee but I decided to just run through the pain. Upon our return I decided I better figure out this knee thing. After some... read more

The 2013 New York Hot Dog Challenge

I was really looking forward to the 2nd Annual New York Hot Dog Challenge. To see an idea come to light 13 years after its inception is quite a treat. This year, we had raised $350 in prize money but had fewer competitors. The other rule change was that the prize money was to be split by the 1st Male and 1st Female instead of a ‘Winner Take All’ program like last year. I was hoping this would... read more