On Monday, there was a memorial movement for those who suffered in Boston. #BostonStrong In respective cities across America, people organized large group runs with everyone wearing Boston colors, Boston themed signs… you name it, to show support for Boston. Pavement Runner began the movement and my friend Abbey organized the NYC group. There were well over 300 runners and 2 or 3 news stations... read more

089 The Connemarathon – 3:33:00

Due to the horrible tragedy that took place on Marathon Monday, I have been holding off on posting this as I felt it wasn’t appropriate. I wrote it before Boston. This has deeply affected me and I have been walking around in a daze for the last few days. The Marathon is test of human spirit and will power, it is what I live for and what now defines me. Hopefully, the meaning and beauty of the... read more

Our Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is my Christmas.  I can’t seem to muster up my usual morning smile and have no pep in my step. The importance of everything around me seems dwarfed by Boston. After last year’s scorching Boston Marathon, I decided to take a year off and run a race in Ireland. Thank you to all of my family and friends who reached out to see if I was okay, thinking I may have been running. I... read more

Connemarathon: Pre-race

Sitting in a pub 1 year ago with a few members of the Runner Army, it was suggested (because Maura is from Galway, Ireland) that we run the Connemarathon. It’s amazing what you can do, a simple dream or conversation, becoming your very real reality. I met Claire on the Deuce, or 42nd Street if you prefer, and we hopped a cab to JFK. It was a beautiful day for a cab ride. Claire and I shared our... read more