091 Portugal Day 5M – 31:20

This race, The Portugal Day 5 Miler, would mark my return to running. My knee has been doing great but this would be a test to see if it was ready to take on speed again. So how does one train for the Portugal Day 5 Miler? For Susan’s birthday we headed out to Citifield to watch the Mets take on the Cubs. Susan (and Bojana) are from Chicago and both have birthdays within a day of each other so the... read more

090 Rev3 Quassy OLY – 2:51:09

My first triathlon of the season was to be the Rev 3 Quassy Half Ironman. I met Jim from ‘Dad Posse’ at his place around 3:45 on Friday. After packing up the gear and loading the bikes I was told, “You’re driving, I have to do some work.” Sweet baby jesus! The last time I drove an automobile was 1 year ago at the Reach the Beach relay, so although excited, I was also nervous.... read more