The Dizzy Bat Race

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of running whilst being blasted out of your mind dizzy. Thursday night after work we headed off to Central Park, the East Meadow to be specific, for the 2nd Annual New York Rogue Runners ‘Dizzy Bat Race’ hosted by Claire. Although the race was covered in Timeout NY and Blood, Sweat and Cheers we knew that the hellish weather... read more

Guardian angel, or bus driver?

Today I opted for a bike ride instead of a run. Why? Because I wanted to go inspect my city and see what was shakin’ in all corners. Riding through city streets means I take my track bike as its indestructible. My tri bike would be destroyed with a single door to the frame. Down Fifth, through Times Square then over to the speedy Lexington. To Park and through Union Square cutting right into the... read more

092 Pride Run 5M – 31:04

Pride Week in NYC is always a bit crazy and fun. There is one factor that seems to remain the same every year… the heat! My stupid knee was acting up all week since I thought it a good idea to skateboard to work Monday. After all my super sleuthing in trying to figure out where my knee tracking originated I think skateboarding is my final conclusion. Its a pretty jarring activity for the knee and... read more