1st Annual Negroni Crawl

The ‘Negroni’ has become my favorite cocktail. (Negroni = 1 part Campari, 1 part Sweet Vermouth, 1 part Gin) During a dinner last December Abbe notified me that this drink called a Negroni might cure my ailing stomach. When I was younger I never really had a taste for Campari so I was doubtful. As the colorful concoction arrived I picked it up, turning and inspecting it. Finally, I took a... read more

093 – Fire Island 5K – 18:33

I met Abs, Stephan, Amanda, Bojana, Maura, and Jodi in Penn Station Friday afternoon to begin our journey. The ‘journey’ would be called a vacation and include beach time, drinking, seafood, drinking and running, in no particular order. In fact sometimes it was drinking, then drinking. I was excited to show everyone Fire Island. Most New Yorkers have never been and therefore don’t... read more