NYCM Training: Week 1

My ‘A Race’ this fall is now the NYC Marathon after bowing out of Wineglass Marathon and Beach2Battleship Full Iron. I had a great full week of training for my 6 week plan.   SUNDAY: 1 Mile @ 5:25 pace at the 5th Avenue Mile. Then I saw Dr. Levine and he did his magic. TUESDAY: 4 Miles @ 8:30 pace THURSDAY: 6.5 Miles @ 6:55 pace. Saw Dr. Levine again. That night we went to The Met and in my... read more

094 5th Avenue Mile – 5:25

I love the 5th Avenue Mile. For a few minutes you hit hyper drive, maxing out your breathing and heart rate and as soon as you think you are going to die, it’s over. The day before I did an easy 5 miles and then headed over to Elizabeth and Juan’s wedding in The Central Park. It was beautiful, fun, and chock full of runners in civilian attire. That night I headed down to the Kitchen... read more

The Return

In case you weren’t already aware by my lack of wordy race reports, I have been sidelined all season. Lets go through a brief history of my injury, as it’s quite entertaining. I also want to document all of this for future reference, like some strange runner’s science project. Maybe someone can learn from it. – Late February: While at my Mom’s in Tampa for the Gasparilla Half... read more