Save the Heidelberg

The 2nd Avenue Subway line has been under construction (in modern times) for the last 4 years now. Any of you who have wandered 2nd Avenue or live up there as I do, know it has crippled or closed many businesses from 96th Street to 63rd Street. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the construction and we have to endure it another 2-4 years. What we can do however, is support some of the... read more

The 2014 New York City Hot Dog Challenge

How do you celebrate your birthday? I like to have a bunch of my crazy friends run 3 miles while eating hot dogs. I started my day with an 18 mile run withe the team (Gotham City Runners). It was cold, but manageable. We had a pretty good turn out, most of whom were just in for a 10-12 mile jaunt. I needed to get some more miles in due to my upcoming early spring marathon. Coming up the west side and... read more