008 BK Half Marathon: 1:28:15

 Sex/Age   Bib   Overall Place   Gender Place  AgePlace  FinishTime  Pace/Mile  AGTime   AG % M31 50 291 276 71 1:28:15 6:44 1:28:15 67.1 % The Brooklyn Half Marathon was to take place on a Saturday morning. My ritual, the night prior to any race, is to meet with some friends and have a big meal and a few drinks. I met Ila, Nancy, and Rachel at a bar... read more

007 Great Hudson River Swim

Time Distance Place 41:01 1.3 Miles 156 Todd had agreed to coach me and train me in my swimming starting January. My goal of course, being Triathlons. During all this training Todd discovered NYC Swim, a group that organizes open water swims in the waters surrounding Manhattan. He decided we need to do a few of these swims, and he being my coach, I couldn’t refuse. Our first race (and our first open... read more

006 Wall Street Run – 3 Miles: 18:22

 Sex/Age   Bib   Overall Place   Gender Place  AgePlace  FinishTime  Pace/Mile M31 85 68 68 14 18:22 6:07 Jim, Ed and I signed up to the American Heart Association Wall Street Run after work on e Tuesday Mike missed the deadline so he would cheer us on at the finish. The race was mayhem as there were no corrals at the start, oly packs of people varying in speed. We... read more

005 Healthy Kidney – 10K: 37:55

 Sex/Age   Bib   Overall Place   Gender Place  AgePlace  SplitTime  Pace/Mile  AGTime AGGenderPlace   AG % M31 37 202 181 40 0:18:44 6:08 37:55 350 70.8 % The Healthy Kidney was my first 10K in quite some time. I spent the night before in Brooklyn at my friend Stephanie’s house warming party with the intentions of getting home by 11. Try 1:30... read more