019 5th Avenue Mile – 1 Mile: 5:01

 Sex/Age   Bib   Overall Place   Gender Place  AgePlace  NetTime  FinishTime  Pace/Mile M31 263 113 112 21 0:05:01 0:05:01 05:01 This weekend was to mark another double-header. Saturday was the 5th Avenue Mile followed by Sunday’s 18 Mile Marathon Tune-up. Friday after work I met Robin, Benny, Tess and some of Tess’s German friends who were visiting... read more

018 Run for the Cure – 5K

On Friday at work, as I pondered the upcoming Brooklyn Bridge Swim, I saw an Ad in the POST for a Breast Cancer charity run taking place on Sunday, the day after the swim. AND, the registration was a block away at the Hyatt on 6th Avenue. Destiny? Perhaps. Sunday was a beautiful day, especially compared to Saturday’s rainy mess. I ran up 7th Avenue and into Columbus Circle to get to the start of the... read more

017 Brooklyn Bridge Swim

Saturday morning was the annual Brooklyn Bridge Swim. Over 400 participants (NYC Swim’s largest event) swim under the Brooklyn Bridge to the shores of Brooklyn! It is only 0.7 miles as well, which is in my opinion, an easy swim. Who wouldn’t want to do that? As Friday approached it was clear that the weather would be questionable for the swim. They do have serious safety regulations and if the... read more

016 Central Park Biathlon: 1:05:15

Sex/ Age Age Place Overall Place Run 2M T1 Bike 12M T2 Run 2M Total Time M31 3 16 13:18 1:03 35:38 0:51 14:23 1:05:15 The Central Park Biathlon is Run 2 miles, Bike 12, then Run another 2… seemingly easy right? It is more difficult (in my mind) than a straight up Triathlon. Saturday before the race was a busy day. On my morning bike ride around Central Park a bee flew into my shirt and stung me on... read more