023 Poland Spring 5M: 30:28

Sex/ Age Bib Overall Place Gender Place Age Place Finish Time Pace/ Mile AG Time AG Gender Place M31 40 54 51 13 30:28 6:05 30:19 124 After Saturday’s poor performance I was ready for battle out in Central Park. The Poland Spring 5 Mile Marathon Kick-off is an exciting race as it marks the last event before the marathon! Saturday night I made my Shrimp Fra Di Avlo again and again it rocked! I as in... read more

022 Nike Human Race 10K: 43:16

 Sex/Age   Bib  FinishTime  Pace/Mile M31 216 43:15 6:59 The Nike Human Race’s concept is that everyone around the world runs together at the same time. Very conformist, but I like it. Friday night I spent being a homebody. A few friends called and invited me out- but it sounded potentially dangerous. Dangerous, like, I would oversleep. Instead I decided to make some Shrimp... read more

021 Little Silver 5K: 17:40 – 3rd Place

 Sex/Age   Bib   Overall Place   Gender Place  AgePlace  FinishTime  Pace/Mile M31 7 3 3 2 17:40 5:40 The Little Silver 5K Classic takes place in the Red Bank area of NJ. Mike (of the ‘Dad Posse’) and his family moved there recently and had invited us (‘Dad Posse’ and their respective families + baker) out for the race and a BBQ. Ed was... read more

020 Grete’s Half Marathon: 1:25:00

Sex/ Age Bib Overall Place Gender Place Age Place Finish Time Pace/ Mile AG Gender Place AG % M31 27 96 91 14 1:25:00 6:29 154 69.6 % Friday night was my friend Brian’s birthday party at Bowery Electric where he and his band were scheduled to play. I brought my friends Robin and Cathy, and as were casually hanging out at the bar a woman came up to us. She looked vaguely familiar. She looked at me... read more