024 Knickerbocker 60K: 5:01:01

 Sex/Age   Bib   Overall Place   Gender Place  AgePlace  NetTime  FinishTime  Pace/Mile M31 14 12 12 5:01:01 5:01:01 8:05 The Knickerbocker 60K is a mild Ultramarathon (I say that because hard core Ultra Runners only consider a 50 miler and up Ultras) consisting of 9 laps around Central Park totaling 37.2 miles. I had been signed up to run this race for a few... read more

NYC Marathon: Commentary

I did not run the 2009 NYC Marathon, BUT, in honor of my 3 friends who ran it I wanted to do a write up. — A common question I hear in the weeks up to, and during the Marathon was “Baker, are you running this year?”I wanted to, believe me. As a runner and someone who has run NYC, to be a spectator definitely feels like you missed the bus. But, to be part of the cheering committee,... read more