2014 Triathlon Coaching

I’m excited to announce that I will be joining the Gotham City Runners as their triathlon coach! I have known Josh, aka Speedy Sasquatch, aka the Head Coach for about 4 years now and it will be a really fun time joining forces with him. We will have group coaching as well as private coaching available. So c’mon out and join us!... read more

098 Join the Voices 5 Miler – 30:31

This weekend was chock full of races! The NY 60K, Philly Marathon, Brooklyn Marathon, Ironman Arizona and the wee bitty 5 mile race I did, Join the Voices. On Saturday I really dug into New York City. I started the day with ice skating around Wollman Rink (something I do almost every weekend in the winter months). It was a blast, especially due to the warm weather we were having. After skating I walked... read more

097 NYC Marathon – DNF

The 2013 New York City Marathon would be my 11th marathon and my fourth on this course. Having successfully run Wineglass Marathon 4 weeks earlier, I thought nothing could go wrong. (foreshadowing!) Saturday morning I went for a shakeout run with my brother Jeff. He was running his first marathon and I had been coaching him through the training season. We chatted strategy,mostly ‘exit... read more

NYC Marathon is here

The New York City Marathon is my version of Christmas. It is my favorite day of the year and since I discovered it (and the marathon) in 2008 I have only missed 1. Good triumphs over evil and the city rejoices with celebration. If you wish to track me I am in the first wave, BIB 729. If you wish to join me and the Runner Army at our after party you can find us at Kinsale Tavern on 3rd Avenue and 94th... read more

NYCM Training: Weeks 4 and 5

My 6 week training program may be the most unusual and illogical plan I have ever done. I run when I feel good just to keep my fitness up from Wineglass. I have not run with a Garmin in months and I love it. I just use a timer. WEEK 4 Wednesday: 5 Miles @ 6:45 pace I spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon partying with my college buddies, so I didn’t really run. I consider that training for the party... read more

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