Appetite for… Progression?

Over the last week my appetite has become ravenous. I find myself walking to work, drooling at all the cafes, in some sort of glazed over zombie-like shuffle.

“Will I make it to work, where my precious oatmeal lay waiting for me to devour it and live another day?”

“Will I have to throw myself through the door of some unsuspecting cafe and demand eggs, cutting everyone else in line off like a jerk?”

“Perhaps, at my last waning moment I will resort to some crazy cannibalistic behavior and eat my left arm, since I’m a righty?”

These thoughts have been going through my head because for the first time in my life my training program is through the roof and I’m loving every minute of it! Coach S has me really gearing up my volume and relaying all kinds of data to her. Heart rate, cadence, pace, times… it kinda feels like a science project…

This is what happened this week so far, explaining my hunger. I am leaving details out because I don’t want to give away Coach’s planning or secret formulas, but you get the idea.

Monday: AM Run, PM Swim

Tuesday: AM Bike, PM Run

Wednesday: AM Swim

Thursday: PM Bike

Friday: AM Run

I feel really good, especially since this kind of schedule is starting to become a bit more routine for me and falling into place so to speak. I never ran, biked or swam this much EVER. I ran like once a week (if it was sunny) and biked a couple times because I drank to much coffee those days.

Since I enjoy blogs with photos, I have included a few below (however unrelated they are to the above text) to entertain you.

LOOK! I got new goggles! I test them Saturday, look out sharks, I will eat you.

Last weekend Abbe and I went down to DC. This is a shot I took as we made our way to cheer the National Marathon runners. Pretty cool right?

Cherry Blossoms and an Egyptian obelisk.