Baker’s Funtastic Four Miler

Abbe and I were chatting last night about her possible Jingle Bell Jog 3.7 mile race the next morning. She was excited to test her speed at a shorter distance race, but unexcited to travel to Brooklyn early in the morning to do so. I suggested that I time her as she run the 4 mile loop of Central Park.

Then was born… Baker’s Funtastic Four Miler. It’s part of New York Rogue Runners, a secret group of runners who create their own races. Unlike New York Road Runner races, these races have prizes! My race had a lovely bottle of cabernet sauvignon up for grabs.


Abbe and I set out to the start (72nd Street and East Drive) to arrive by 10AM. It was a beautiful and brisk day.

Slowly our competitors showed up. This was kind of last minute so I didnt expect many. Abbe, Susan, Bojana, Elyssa, and Stephan donned their hand made bibs and prepared to start. I gave them race instructions in my best Peter Chacha impersonation.

Using my iPhone stop watch synced with my trusty Rolex I sent the runners off!

It’s weird not racing. I just kinda hung out and drank my coffee, watching other runners go by. Waiting…

First in was Susan!(soon after our friend Ali came to cheer. She was a little late but assured us she would race next time!)

A few minutes later Bojana!

Then, Abbe and Elyssa cruised in.

Finally, Stephan arrived!

Everyone had a good race aside from them all missing my secret aid station at Mile 2.We had a small awards ceremony where Susan won her bottle of wine and a hug.

Congrats to all the racers! Times posted below!
1: Susan 28:56
2: Bojana 31:57
3: Abbe 32:56
4: Elyssa 32:58
5: Stephan 39:50




  • I totally want in on the next one!

  • Ali

    It was a beautiful day for the Inaugural race and I’m honored to have been in the presence of such fantastic runners, and a great race organizer as well.

    Congratulations to all the runners.

    I can’t promise I’ll race it next time, but I am VERY serious about my National Anthem audition tape.

  • Sounds like the best race ever! Wish I could’ve made it but had already signed up to be a race buddy the the Girls on the Run 5k.On my way home, I did some see of your runners out in Central Park and they looked strong. Hoping to be a contender at the next one!

  • Man, I have really started to hate New York Rogue Runners. They don’t announce their races until the last minute…their corrall system is all effed up…they don’t mark their aid stations very well, and their Tee Shirts?? Virtually nonexistant. Oh, and their prices are a total ripoff. I’d totally run the next one if I got picked in the lottery. Sheesh.

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  • I am super excited about the Rogue Runners, now that you pointed out their site! Count me in for some of the fun upcoming races 🙂

  • Haha I love the new website! Thanks for the inaugural race!