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112 Rock n Roll DC Half – 1:26:35

As the 3 o’clock hour approached at work, I changed out of my suit and into civilian attire. I bounded down into the subway heading toward Penn and blending in with the masses already commuting home. Abbe and I met at our normal spot, the ‘Secret Place to Wait for the Train’ that we had discovered a few years ago. We were both very exited to get out of Manhattan for the weekend…... read more

On Consistency

Winter training versus Summer training is a common debate among all of us. I do not have a favorite as I see two sides of positive to both. Winter: What else are you going to do in the dead of winter? Head to a barbeque? Go to Fire Island for a beach weekend? Probably you will be doing a lot of nothing since the weather does not permit for much outdoor group fun. Unless, of course, you run! I find that... read more

Manhattan Half Marathon – 1:28:21

I normally don’t like to pay money to run around my backyard, but since my Aunt Marge (in charge), cousin Cat and Charla were coming in for the race, I was game. They all converged on my apartment around 6:30AM. We had some coffee, formulated a game plan and were out the door by 7. They got to meet the Gotham City Runner crew, those that were racing anyway, at the start. The weather was great.... read more

Ted Corbitt 15k – 59:43

A 15k race, for me, is a blast. Right when things start to really hurt, the race is over. It was a tad chilly, but then again the Ted Corbitt is always chilly due to it being held in mid December. I met my friend Rachel at the start and we did a quick warm up before heading to our respective corrals. I had no Garmin. I had no expectations. I was just going to run at what I thought was a ‘hard’... read more

Paris Marathon Training: New Tactics

I am running the Paris Marathon this April. It will be my first Marathon in over a year. This March I pulled off the Reston Marathon in horrible conditions and sub par training, finishing in 3:09:51. Then, I learned a whole bunch of new stuff. Reston Marathon finish in the snow, soaking wet. Boston Qualifier by NINE seconds. Yikes… hence my goofy smile. 2014 was a great year mainly because I... read more

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