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New York I Love You

I am going to start doing a series of posts on my experiences here in New York City and this is numero one. Dig it. — One of the things that makes New York great is the ability to do anything. Do you like to sew? There are classes and talks on sewing. Maybe you like to collect butterflies. Yes, there is a butterfly collector meet-up. When my friend Elizabeth asked if I wanted to go see Chrissie... read more

042 Aquathlon Stars and Stripes

Sex/ Age Overall Place Swim Place Run Place Swim 1.5K Run 5K Total Time M32 63 130 4 35:40 20:40 56:21 Right now, if I had one wish it would be ‘Speedy Swimmer.’ Thank you. The ‘Aquathlon Stars and Stripes’ is a 1.5K swim followed by a 5K run and is put on by NYC Swim, the same people who organize races like The Great Hudson River Swim. It is one week before the NYC Triathlon and... read more

016 Central Park Biathlon: 1:05:15

Sex/ Age Age Place Overall Place Run 2M T1 Bike 12M T2 Run 2M Total Time M31 3 16 13:18 1:03 35:38 0:51 14:23 1:05:15 The Central Park Biathlon is Run 2 miles, Bike 12, then Run another 2… seemingly easy right? It is more difficult (in my mind) than a straight up Triathlon. Saturday before the race was a busy day. On my morning bike ride around Central Park a bee flew into my shirt and stung me on... read more