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F*%K THAT, Friday!

Last night (having beers with Abbe and Claire) an idea came to mind… if a blog is so full of race reports and serious triathlon stuff, shouldn’t it also have some fun rants about life to add balance to it’s content? Totally! I give you, ‘F*%K THAT, Friday!’ a commentary on stupid and annoying things that may have happened during the week. If you have a blog, feel free to post... read more

The Cure for Pain

Moments ago I was listening to the band Morphine’s ‘Cure for Pain’ and started laughing out loud. I’m about to run my second marathon in under 2 weeks and it seems that I am ‘looking for pain’ not it’s cure. Most of you reading are some form of an athlete whether you consider yourself one or not, being a runner, triathlete, swimmer or a soccer player. Why, as... read more

On Fear

What are you afraid of? I have spent a lot of time thinking about fear these past few months, especially after watching my father pass away right in front of me with nothing I could do to stop it. Was I afraid of dying? Was he? Surely he had thought about it, knowing that it was a possible outcome of his Cancer. Fear is a very powerful emotion. It can stop us from achieving our true potential. I was... read more

Product Review: MuscleCare

I don’t often use pain relievers, but I was recently offered a chance to test a product called MuscleCare. It came in 2 forms, one was your typical gel and the other (my personal favorite) was a roll-on! So… first things first, I needed to put myself in some serious pain. I geared up and hit the Great Lawn in Central Park. Coach S. had assigned me some sprint intervals that day which seemed perfect... read more

How I became a Runner.

Due to some documents that have recently been revealed, it seems that my claim of only being a runner for the last 3 years to be false. The following transcript was published in 1988, when I was only 11 and paints a dramatic account of my running abilities.   —– Hi, my name is Chris and I am the world’s fastest runner. I can run up to light speed! Not only can I run up to light speed, but... read more

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