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Guardian angel, or bus driver?

Today I opted for a bike ride instead of a run. Why? Because I wanted to go inspect my city and see what was shakin’ in all corners. Riding through city streets means I take my track bike as its indestructible. My tri bike would be destroyed with a single door to the frame. Down Fifth, through Times Square then over to the speedy Lexington. To Park and through Union Square cutting right into the... read more

Zero to 100 MPH

Since Ironman NYC I have been kind of in a perpetual ‘off season.’ I mean, I run and occasionally ride my bike on the trainer, but for the most part I have been on triathlon vacation. I was really enjoying it up until right after Christmas… Something happened to me a few days ago. I think I was fed up with the month of December being a total schmooze fest, with holiday parties and... read more

‘Death Day’ Commentary

Today, as I was walking up Park Avenue running errands I saw a woman riding her bike with one hand, on the phone and helmet-less. Never mind the fact that she was in a dress, which both irritates me due to safety and makes me stare in wonder at the fabulous fashion statement. It reminded me of a time in my life that I rode recklessly. There was one day in particular where I should not have lived to see... read more

Body Evolution

A popular phrase I like to use is something I call Body Evolution. I believe that during training peaks we evolve to a kind of ‘next level.’ Most of you have had it, but might not realize whats going on. Check out my very first post to read about when I first discovered it. Today, I had a Body Evolution moment as I consumed 3 meals before lunch. I did this so I did not die, as I certainly felt... read more

Back to Bricks

If you asked Coach, I don’t think she would agree that me surfing out at Rockaway Beach was on the training program. I did bike after that, so I think she was appeased, especially since she had me queued up for a serious brick on Sunday. My younger brother Jeff, number 2 out of 6 of the famous Baker Tracy Gang of Brothers, had expressed interest in biking out to Jersey so I invited him along. We set... read more

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