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116 Challenge AC Half Ironman – 5:27:58

Remember that time I wanted to PR the Paris Marathon and dropped all triathlete knick-knacky stuff to focus on only running? Yes, well the Challenge AC Half Ironman crept up very quickly after. With 3 long rides in the realm of 40-45 miles and one swim since my honeymoon in October it was sure to be pretty. At least my run game was on point… or so it would seem. Some exciting things I had going for... read more

103 Eagleman – 5:21:22

Last season was a bust for me due to my ongoing knee problem. I only raced 1 (that’s right 1) triathlon! My friend Doug suggested we rock Eagleman 70.3 to set off the season. It would be his first attempt at the distance and I was excited to be a part of that. We left might Manhattan at noon on Saturday. In tow we had Doug, his fiance Danika (also a friend of mine) and his youngest daughter Madison.... read more

2014 Triathlon Coaching

I’m excited to announce that I will be joining the Gotham City Runners as their triathlon coach! I have known Josh, aka Speedy Sasquatch, aka the Head Coach for about 4 years now and it will be a really fun time joining forces with him. We will have group coaching as well as private coaching available. So c’mon out and join us!... read more

090 Rev3 Quassy OLY – 2:51:09

My first triathlon of the season was to be the Rev 3 Quassy Half Ironman. I met Jim from ‘Dad Posse’ at his place around 3:45 on Friday. After packing up the gear and loading the bikes I was told, “You’re driving, I have to do some work.” Sweet baby jesus! The last time I drove an automobile was 1 year ago at the Reach the Beach relay, so although excited, I was also nervous.... read more

On Ironman NY’s cancellation

The WTC recently announced that it would not continue with Ironman NYC due to various issues and feedback. A few friends asked my opinion on this and so I felt compelled to do a quick write up. “Producing an event in a large urban market is complex and challenging. The combination of the ferries, transition in Palisades Interstate Park, and the difficulty for our spectators to watch much of the... read more

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