Cycle for Survival

A few weeks ago Jess from ‘Fitchickinthecity’ asked if I wanted to join her Cycle for Survival Team this February. Hmmm… was this some sort of obstacle course we would be riding on our bikes? Tough Mudder but on wheels? Rings of fire, narrow bridges, oil slicks? All of this would be right up my alley!

After some research I found out that it was not a crazy bike ride at all, but an all day Spin event to raise money for Cancer research! Each Team is slotted a 4 hour position and has to ride during that period, switching riders in and out like a relay race.

Seeing as how my mother is a 20 year Cancer survivor and my father is currently preparing for a bone marrow transplant to possibly cure his Lymphoma, this kind of event hits home. I immediately joined her team along with 4 others.

Below is a link to my donations page, feel free to send me as much research money as you like, there is no limit!

Baker’s Page

I really enjoy racing, riding, swimming or even just walking around to raise money for various causes.
If any of you readers out there ever have a cause worth fighting for and need a team member, send me a message!