F*%K THAT, Friday!

Last night (having beers with Abbe and Claire) an idea came to mind… if a blog is so full of race reports and serious triathlon stuff, shouldn’t it also have some fun rants about life to add balance to it’s content? Totally!

I give you, ‘F*%K THAT, Friday!’ a commentary on stupid and annoying things that may have happened during the week. If you have a blog, feel free to post your own!

1. Why are there so many people on Park Avenue hailing cabs, making my skateboard commute all the more challenging? Oh right, the Subway was broken today! F*%K THAT!

2. I lost one toenail due to Ironman and now, the one next to it is falling off thanks to Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon 2 weeks ago! F*%K THAT!

3. How come every time I go into my local bodega the price of Half-n-Half fluctuates by a few dollars?! F*%K THAT!

4. Why is there a hurricane blocking me from getting to my Dominican Republic vacation tomorrow?! Not cool Sandy. F*%K THAT!

  • Eliz

    WHAT?!?!? The Baker gets angry????

  • I’d give up most of my toenails to run a 1:20 half mary
    F@#$ THAT!!