Making Leg Jello

One of the things I have learned about runners and triathletes in the last 2 years is that they are crazy, myself included. Why is it that after waking up and having some coffee on a 35 degree Saturday that I have the need to go run? I mean, my apartment is awesome! I have tons of coffee, music is playing, it’s got lots of light and guess what, it doesn’t have a wind chill factor.

Without delay I threw on shorts, Zenah calf sleeves, a dry fit top and a zip up top to take off were it to get ‘hot’. I decided on a Saturday run as I wasn’t able to sign up for the Joe Kleinerman 10K on Sunday as it sold out. Once again, 4,000 crazy runners paying for this stuff.

Once I was moving it wasn’t too cold. I was really surprised at how warm the Zensah sleeves kept my legs. I’m a really big fan now.

Entering the Park at 84th Street I switched on my Garmin and took off, my goal to run 12 miles. I also decided I WOULD NOT look at my Garmin until my run was over to see if my internal mechanisms would keep me in check.

At the top of the Park I ran by my friend Kevin Masse (who was running but in the opposite direction). It was a pretty good day for a run after all and I started to get hot, taking off my zip up. I didn’t know what my pace was, but I was having fun.

As I rounded the loop and arrived where I had started I decided to call that the end of my run. I wasn’t feeling the distance at that moment.

Total Miles: 6.03
Time: 37:35
Pace: 6:14

The following morning I happened to be crossing the Park right as the Kleinerman 10K had started! Exciting! I was able to catch the leaders as they hit Mile 5.

They were flying! In fact the two lead guys pictured had a 1 minute lead on the rest of the pack.

Above in white is my friend Sebastian. He was really confused as I cheered at him because I don’t think he has ever seen me in ‘pedestrian garments.’ He was crushing it.

Once home I couldn’t sit still. After watching all my fellow local runners I needed to do something exercisy. (yes, that’s a new word.) My new favorite toy is my Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer. It essentially turns your Tri Bike (or Road Bike or whatever bike) into a stationary spin bike.

I know some of you are saying “Man, I hate the bike trainer, it’s not the same, etc. etc.” True, all very true, but one of the plus sides to the trainer is sweating. SIDENOTE: I love to sweat. Seriously, I hate biking in the winter and not even sweating. I don’t feel like I’ve put in any work. The same goes for running, although it’s pretty easy to get hot during just about any run.

I rigged up the trainer and did around 35 minutes of intensity intervals. It was awesome and 10 minutes in I was drenched.

I don’t know if you can really tell with that picture. Any of you that run with me in the warmer months know that I get really red faced.

For the rest of the weekend (which was spent at Dave and Buster’s in Times Square for Erika’s birthday… awesome!) my legs were totally jello.