NYCM Training: Week 1

My ‘A Race’ this fall is now the NYC Marathon after bowing out of Wineglass Marathon and Beach2Battleship Full Iron. I had a great full week of training for my 6 week plan.   BD_NYCM2013_Week1

SUNDAY: 1 Mile @ 5:25 pace at the 5th Avenue Mile.

Then I saw Dr. Levine and he did his magic.

TUESDAY: 4 Miles @ 8:30 pace

THURSDAY: 6.5 Miles @ 6:55 pace.

Saw Dr. Levine again.
That night we went to The Met and in my favorite room (The Temple of Dendar), there was a party!



SATURDAY: 12.5 miles @ 7:45 pace! My furthest distance in months!

I ran with Abbe and Bojana and then pulled away from them after 3 miles as I needed to get inside my head. After I finished I waited for them at Engineers Gate and had a moment of zen. Any local runner knows that Engineers is the center of the running universe as far as NYC is concerned, so it should be of no surprise to see friends. While I waited, Meggie and Gia rolled up, followed by Elizabeth! Hi runner pals!

We celebrated our runs by eating doughnuts from the new Dough Loco, it was amazing!

You will notice no cross training on my plan. Dr. L and I discovered that biking irritates my IT Band, pulling on my patella the wrong way. Until NYCM is over running, and swimming is the name of the game.