NYCM Training: Week 2 and 3

I have really been enjoying my ability to run again. It reminds me of my early days in 2008 when I first started. I have been running without a Garmin most of the time and just going by feel.


Wednesday: 5 Miles @ 6:50 pace

Thursday: 4 Miles @ 7:00 pace

Friday: (I stayed home from work sick but wanted to get an easy run in as it was nice out.) 3 Miles @ 8:30 pace

Sunday: I was supposed to do 16 and if my knee hurt (as that would be the greatest distance run since April) stop. My knee didn’t hurt so I just finished the marathon.




Recovery is the name of the game. Dr. Levine loosened up my calves Tuesday.

Friday: 4 Miles @ 7:45 pace

Saturday: 5 Miles @ 7:45 pace (reverse taper? maybe.)

Sunday: Staten Island Half Marathon 13.1 Miles @ 6:40 pace. Once again, I was supposed to use this as training but got caught up and at Mile 4 decided to pick up the pace. NO KNEE PAIN!!!BD_NYCM_Training_week3

This style of training is seemingly ridiculous on paper, but it seems to be working.

Congratulations to all of my friends who raced KONA, Chicago and Mohawk Hudson this weekend!