Save the Heidelberg

The 2nd Avenue Subway line has been under construction (in modern times) for the last 4 years now. Any of you who have wandered 2nd Avenue or live up there as I do, know it has crippled or closed many businesses from 96th Street to 63rd Street. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the construction and we have to endure it another 2-4 years. What we can do however, is support some of the businesses, (and I don’t mean 16 Handles.)

heidelbergPhoto Credit: Kevin Walsh

Save the Heidelberg!

Most of you know I am a huge follower of history, especially New York City history. Mix that with my love of the ‘Mom and Pop’ shop or small businesses that New York is known for and I can get fired up.

The Upper East Side area of Yorkville was a huge German enclave, and therefore many German businesses and restaurants flourished. The Heidelberg is one of the last remaining remnants of this German past. It has been around since 1936 and serves traditional German fare along with a great selection of German beers.

Jeremiah Moss (who has a historic blog I follow) has some excerpts on his site:

“Business has been down 40% since the construction started,” said a waiter. “If we didn’t own the building, we’d be gone by now. People drive by and they can’t see us. They call all the time and ask if we’re closed. We just have to hold out a few more years. I hope we can make it.”

Heidelberg is really special. I will be heading there every Sunday for some of there amazing Camembert (along with a few Warsteiners or Dinkelacker). The atmosphere is really fun and the staff could not be more welcoming.

So please Upper East Siders, New Yorkers and out-of-towners, go to the Heidelberg. Save the Heidelberg, all it takes is a few of us with some hungry appetites.