Swim Karma

Most of you know, it’s real hard getting me in the pool. It’s been a life-long struggle.

As I was walking to the pool today I thought about how crowded it always is, being in the most populated city on the east. Smiling, I thought about how much money I would be willing to pay to have my own private pool, even just my own personal lane.

Arriving at the pool it was indeed jumping. From Masters Classes, to Kids Classes to the regular solo swimmers (me) it was a frenzy. I choose the lane along the wall, the ‘slow lane’. There were 2 women doing some drills and seeing as how that was part of my workout we quickly meshed into a rhythm. SIDENOTE: Why is there no ‘E’ in rhythm? Seriously, say it aloud and be mystified.

A few minutes into my session the gals left, leaving me to my buoys and paddles. I could see people really flooding in from the entrance across the way and knew it was a matter of time before my lane would be overrun.

Then, as I was wrapping up a set, the lifeguard flagged me. Next to him was a blind man waiting to swim. “Excuse me, he normally swims along the walk. Do you mind splitting the lane with him? I will close the lane to just you two.”

For the next hour I had my own personal lane in Manhattan’s only Olympic Pool! I couldn’t help but think of how weird it was that I was wishing it on the way to the pool. Was this blind swimmer some sort of guardian angel? Maybe he is the ‘swim genie?’ One thing was for sure, the guy was a fantastic swimmer and was lapping me left and right. I even slowed up to study his form as he cruised by. I thought about making friends with him so we could takeover entire lanes for the rest of our lives…

Exhausted, I departed for home very satisfied and extremely inspired.